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National Gallery Images

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search graphic to expand or hide these search options. This search page enables you to search the NGI collection by Keyword, Category/Subject or Artist.

National Gallery Images is committed to cataloguing and keywording the many works in its Collection in order to enable you to find the perfect picture. This involves a lot of work, so please bear with us while these improvements are made.

You can access an artwork by accession number if you know it - just enter it in the search box to view a preview sized image.

Do not use hyphens or 'stop words' e.g. the, a, of, in, at, on, etc., when inputting free text. Entering the stem or root of the keyword - e.g. for 'sleeping' try 'sleep', for 'suspended' try 'suspend' etc to optimise your search results.

You can also access the NGI Collection using the free text search field to input the artist's name as a keyword. If you are looking for a particular artist enter both the first name and surname to refine your search from the start.